Dodgeball Tournament

As a part of our MARCH MISSIONS MADNESS we are hosting a DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT to raise funds for CONVOY OF HOPE and SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY PREGNANCY SERVICES.  Here are more details:



  • Cost is $50 per team.
  • Teams may be made up of 5-7 players, male or female (only 5 players will play at a time).
  • Team captain is required to register here.
  • Registration is open to the first 8 teams to complete the online registration and complete their team's payment.
  • Food and refreshments will be available for purchase.
  • When a team is not playing, ping pong, wii, cornhole, and other games will be available.
  • Teams will play for 4 hours.  At the end of 4 hours, the top 4 teams by win/loss record will play each other for the championship.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the championship team (1 per tournament).


Team will have no more or no less than five players on the court at the beginning of each game.  (If a team has more than 5 players, the additional players will start out and may rotate in a ball is caught by their team.)

Each round is the best of three games.

Each game has a time limit of five minutes. At the end of five minutes, the team with the most players on the court wins.

Four balls will be used during each game. (Each team will start with one ball, and 2 balls will be placed on the center line.)

Players that step on or across any boundary line, including the mid-line, will be out.

Players who are hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team are out. unless:

  • the ball is caught before hitting the ground,
  • the thrown ball is deemed an intentional head shot,
  • the thrown ball has hit another player, another ball, or the ground/ceiling/wall first.

In order to keep the game moving, if a team has all balls on their side, they have five seconds (as counted out loud by a referee) to throw one of the balls. If the team does not discard the ball within five seconds, the charging referee will call one of the players out.

If a player catches a thrown ball before it hits the ground, one of their eliminated teammates may return to the court, and the opposing player who threw the ball is out.  A player re-entering the game must touch the back wall of their team before attacking or being attacked.

Players may use a ball to block oncoming balls, but if they lose control of the ball they are holding and drop it, they are out.

Players may not physically touch any opposing player. This will result in the player being terminated from the tournament.

No use of foul language will be tolerated.

Players may not argue with the referees decisions.

Players may not kick the balls.

Players may not hold more than one ball at a time.