Flourish Spring Event

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Living Waters Chapel

8:30am – 9:00am Registration and Light Refreshments
9:00am – Welcome
9:10am – From Surviving to Thriving  (Pastor Trish Gunn)
10:15am – Breakout Session 1
11:15am – Breakout Session 2
12:00pm – Lunch
12:45pm – Announcements and Offering
1:00pm – Breakout Session 3
2:00pm – Now Flourish! (Pastor Trish Gunn)


 Refresh Ministry

    The word refresh means to give new strength or energy to something, and that is exactly what we  intend this ministry to do. It is a place where women ages 16+ can come find new strength in their relationship with God and each other. It is a community of women who have come together to support, learn and grow with each other. It is a time to Reconnect, to feel Rejuvenated and to find Renewal. 


Flourish Spring Event

     Flourish means to thrive, grow or bloom. Circumstances and sigtuations are variable, but God is constant. He desires for us to flourish in our lives. This year we are offering teachings, worship and breakout sessions that will grow us as women. 



   Trush Gunn has over 30 years experience as a speaker/trainer in both the secular and Christian ministry arenas. She has served in ministry roles with kids, youth, young adults and women's ministry. Her desire is to hellp people recognize who they are in Christ, discover their calling, and equip them to wak in their divine destiny. Trish is excited to share how we can flourish as women in Christ.

Breakout Sessions

Sweet Designs – Discover cut-out cookie designs worthy of the Food Network by learning the technique of flooding with royal icing.

Perfectly Polished – Be bold, adventurous,  classic, or practical as you choose a nail polish to be professionally applied. Come with bare nails!

Loosen Up – Let stress, tension, and soreness disappear as you receive a ten minute professional massage.

Release – Feel tension melt away as you enjoy a 10 minute session with a professional  reflexologist.

Fab in Five – Need a new you in a quick few? Tips to a 5 minute face and no-fuss hairsytles.

Care  & Share – Construct a handcrafted card and send it to someone who needs encouragement. Not crafty?  Don’t worry! Step-by-step  instruction is provided. Remember to bring the address to whom you will be sending your card. An envelope and stamp will be provided.

It's Thyme – Learn how herbs were used in the Bible and how you can use them today.

Sugar Glam – Need food fast? Quick and easy recipes that you  help prepare and sample.

Rebuilding Your Temple
 Personal trainer, Anne Hubbard, explores topics affecting your health and nutrition for those beginning and those already in the post-menopausal stage of life.

Choose You – Stressed out, tired, and no time for you? STOP! Join personal trainer, Anne Hubbard as she explores how to bring balance to a happy and healthy you.

You Are Welcome (to discuss) – What does a home, a coffee shop, and a playground have in commin? You! Discuss how to reach out to others, making them feel welcome. It's not about what you have but what you can give that makes a difference.

Create a Frenzy – Let your creative juices flow! Choose from various crafts (make and take) and activities. While you are there, capture the moment in our photobooth.

Extra Features

Fill  My Cup - A place to sit, chat, grab a beverage, and relax between breakout sesions.

Photo Booth - Time to grab a friend and strike a pose! Bring a camera or snap a selfie to capture  some memories of the day. Props will be provided.



TWO OF THE FOLLOWING BREAKOUT SESSIONS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR YOU: Fab in Five, Care & Share, Sweet Designs, It's Thyme!, Quick Fix, Rebuilding Your Temple, Choose You!, You Are Welcome (to discuss), Create a Frenzy.

*Breakout Sessions will be filled in the order registrations are received.

Sorry, no childcare will be offered at  this event.

Early bird registration along with payment is due by April 8th. Cost is $22.00 for ages 16-22, 60+. $25.00 for ages 23-59.

Late registration along with payment is due by April 22nd. Cost is $30.00 for ALL ages.

NO registrations at the door.