Kids Zone Junior Bible Quiz

JBQ is a great way to learn more about the Bible and what we believe as Christians.

JBQ LEAGUE: The JBQ LEAGUE is a super-fun and competitive way for kids in grades 2-5 to use what they've been learning and quiz against teams from other churches. Each team is made up of 3-5 "quizzers" who will get a team t-shirt, make up a team name, and quiz together against teams from other churches. It is fun, exciting, and really cool to see the kids quizzing on God's Word.

If you think your 2nd - 5th grader would be interested in joining the JBQ LEAGUE, we will be having an orientation/informational meeting Sunday, August 27th.

The meeting will start after the 2nd morning service (about 12pm) and go until 1pm). It will be held in the rooms off the side of the gym (rooms 210-212).

If you are not able to make that, but are still interested, please let me know. Families/kids normally pack a lunch for those who are staying.

Kids/families will have the opportunity to "try out" or "check out" JBQ, but will have to decide by Sunday, September 10th if they will be committing to quiz in the league.

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