Kids Zone Special Needs Buddy Ministry

We know that every child is important to Jesus and important to us For children with special needs, we provide a "buddy" to help them feel comfortable and cared for. It all happens in an environment that is well-suited for each child's unique needs.

WHAT DOES A BUDDY DO? Sometimes all that is needed of a buddy is to be in the same room when the child requires a little bit of extra encouragement and guidance. Other times, a buddy will work closely with their friend with special needs providing constant support so they can participate with their peers.

HOW MUCH TIME IS REQUIRED OF A BUDDY? Buddies volunteer during children's programming on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings during the 10:30 AM Worship Service.

Pastor Jeremiah will be in contact with you after you register. Please contact him if you have any questions at 717-273-4922.
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