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Dear Parent & Friend,

It is my awesome privilege to welcome you to our children’s ministry, KIDS ZONE!  There are many great things about KIDS ZONE.  Where do we start? First, we have a clear mission for our ministry.  Our desire is to Partner with families to help children become "well grounded and well rounded" followers of Jesus Christ.

At KIDS ZONE, we believe that before a child can become a well rounded individual they must first be well grounded spiritually.

Take a tree for example.  Before a tree begins to grow above the ground, its roots must be receiving nourishment. If the roots are planted the proper way, it has a better chance to become a growing and healthy tree. If a tree grows above the ground, but does not have the proper root system, it can be blown over by any gust of wind. In the same way, before your child can become a well rounded person, they must have the proper root system. Here at KIDS ZONE it is our goal to help you lay the proper foundation, beginning in your child’s early years. We believe in sound Biblical teaching that is interactive, exciting, and instills principles that fit into children’s every day lives. With our "HOME CONNECT" packets, it easier for you to water and nourish your kids at home. These packets include activities, games, Bible studies and more!  

The root growing process never ends, but at a certain point, it is time for that tree to grow above the ground and become well rounded. Here at Living Waters, it is also our goal to help your children realize and strengthen their God given gifts. When they learn how to use these gifts, children feel a part of the family of God. At KIDS ZONE there are many opportunities for children to share and develop their talents. They range from Fine Arts (worship team, drama, audio/visual team, puppets, etc.) to Christians In Action clubs(card ministry, prayer ministry, helping hands, etc). More CIA clubs are always forming.

Jesus said in Matthew 12, "Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit." It is our hope and prayer that we can partner with you in helping your "children become well grounded and well rounded followers of Jesus Christ".

Remember, we are here to partner with you. Please know that we are hear to listen and help, whether you are feeling discouraged, in need of help, or have questions. I am praying for all of you and your families! I can’t wait to see what God can do when we allow Him to work in our families. If you have any questions regarding this new ministry, please feel free to contact Pastor Jeremiah Gruber.