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Your First Visit

It's great that you want to check out Living Waters Chapel!

We look forward to meeting you for the first time and getting to know you.

You're invited to see how we love God, love people, and watch lives change.

Please consider filling one of our Connect Cards in-person for a free gift, or online and simply see the welcome desk on your first visit to get a free gift.

First Visit

About Us

Living Waters Chapel is a group of people who are unified by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We have a passion for God's word and for reaching and serving our community.

We do this by loving God, loving all people in our community, and seeing lives changed by the Gospel.​



In our service, you will experience passionate worship and a life-giving Word from Pastor Josh our lead pastor.

Following Jesus is a journey that becomes even more personal when we share the good news with others. As you share your faith, always know that there are empty seats and open arms waiting for you and those you invite.

We also have amazing ministries for your kids from birth all the way through high school.

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Our Team

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Come as you are. Don't feel pressured to dress up, dress down, or look a particular way. Living Waters is full of many different fashions and clothing choices. God is clear in His Word that He does't look at outward appearance but rather into the heart of a person.



We want your first visit to be as smooth and non-confusing as possible so we've designated 4 spots for first-time guests. Simply make your way to the top of the hill, turn right, and park at any of the 4 spots around the light post that are labeled "RESERVED".

We also have designated Handicapped and Senior Citizen parking spots.



You and your family's safety is very important to us so we have trained "Safety Team" members as well as taken other measures to provide as safe of an atmosphere as possible at LWC.



A weekly offering/collection is received during our services. These financial gifts enable this church to fulfill the mission and vision God has given it. We believe in scriptural tithing (giving 10% back to God) as an opportunity to outwardly express our gratitude to God and acknowledge our role as stewards of everything we’ve been given. However, we encourage all of our first-time guests to give only as they feel led. You are our guest. So just sit back, open your hearts, and enjoy the service!

Giving Box
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