Isaiah: Prophet of the Holy One of Israel

Pastor Richard Weitzel

The book of Isaiah contains prophetic sermons and teachings written in Judah in the 7th century BC. God appeals to His people for repentance, warns of coming judgment and assures restoration for those remaining faithful to Him. History validated these prophecies of the immediate future of Isaiah's audience. Among the prophecies, messianic incites are injected for the distant future beyond Isaiah's day. Within the hints of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, Isaiah spoke of a time of restored glory for Jerusalem where God's divine king would rule over all the nations in unprecedented peace and prosperity (potentially our immediate future)! For the winter term we will study the second division of Isaiah--God's judgment of the nations surrounding Judah in the 7th century BC. God underscores His warning to His people not to trust or fear any potential foreign ally or adversary, but to trust Him alone!

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